Best cruises for seniors a guide to seniors cruises

5 Best Cruises For Seniors: A Guide to Senior Cruises

Planning a vacation is hard work, even more so as a senior. I used to be able to go with the flow. To book a plane ticket and worry about the rest when I got there. These days though I like to have everything in place before I travel. I suspect many of you are the same way. So why not let someone else do all the heavy lifting for you? Cruising gives you an all in one package that makes it easy to simply go and enjoy your vacation time. Below I’ve laid out what I feel are the best cruises for seniors (and their families).

The Best Cruises For Seniors

As a senior I have certain expectations of the places I choose to travel to. Cruises are no different. I should be able to enjoy my vacation without hassle, customer service, compassion and respect are traits I looks for. Cruise lines are perfectly adept in these and know how to make a traveler feel special rather than just one of thousands on the boat.

It’s true, cruises are one of the best ways to see the world while also enjoying the relaxation that should come with a vacation. Most of the cruise lines listed offer special perks and discounts to seniors and summer is a great time to take advantage of them. Read on more to find out about the best cruises for seniors that are both are affordable and comfortable.

Crystal Cruises:

This cruise offers both traditional and themed cruises all around the world and caters particularly to senior passengers who are between the ages 50 to 75. Themed cruises have cultural activities, expert on/off ship instructions about sports, hobbies and more. Crystal cruises provides travel discounts to their senior passengers and also makes huge efforts to accommodate special requirements of senior passengers. Bed extensions, oxygen, wheelchair transfers, dialysis and every other equipment are given to the senior passengers who may need them. The on ship medical facilities are excellent and after a round of stomach issues had me visiting the ship nurse I can say the same for the staff! Crystal Cruises is #1 on this list of senior cruises because of its people.

Crystal Cruise Lines Fleet

seniors cruise ship crystal symphonyCRYSTAL SYMPHONY – Launched in October 2017, the Crystal Symphony emerged from her longest-ever makeover, a multi-million-dollar Evolution of Crystal Luxury featuring spacious new suites and penthouses, new and expanded dining options with open seating, and more state-of-the-art technologies including free, unlimited Wi-Fi. The transformation reduces the guest capacity to just 848, thereby increasing service and space ratios to be among the industry’s loftiest.
cruises for seniors crystal serenity
CRYSTAL SERENITY – The Evolution of Crystal Luxury continues. In November 2018 the 68,000-ton Crystal Serenity undergoes her own multi-million-dollar transformation to welcome just 980 guests with more suites and penthouses, exciting new culinary options with open seating, and expanded technologies including free, unlimited Wi-Fi. Crystal Serenity shares the international spotlight with Crystal Symphony as the world’s two most awarded luxury ships.

Carnival Cruises:

Carnival cruises is the largest cruise line in the world today. This cruise is a superb choice for senior passengers who are on a budget. While less specialized in cruises for seniors Carnival still makes all the necessary arrangements. There is a good chance that you can join a party of other seniors on this cruise but plan on being around cruisers from young children to young adults, retiree’s and seniors. The line has variety of spas, lounges, entertainment revues and bars. If you’ve got special dietary requirements, this cruise is a great choice, as it is the only cruise line which offers low carb and low fat menu options.


With 25+ ships across the world I just couldn’t be bothered to list them all. While Carnival isn’t one of the best cruises for seniors they are typically the cheapest. Evaluate your needs and see if the cost savings are worth the sacrifice in amenities.

Royal Caribbean:

These ships have restaurants, casinos, night time options, pools and full day entertainment. For senior travelers who enjoy exercising and being in shape these ships is good deal. The ships are very big so you have to do lots of walking for activities, going and coming back to rooms and for meals. You can also enjoy skating rink, golf simulator, basketball court, rock climbing and many other exercise facilities.

Another cruise line with tons of ships, many of them run senior cruises. Check with your travel agent for more information.

Disney cruise line:

If you’re looking to take your children and grand children along with you for the voyage then there is no better option than Disney Cruise Lines. The cruise offers lots of fun activities for every age group. Anyone who loves playing games with kids and watching Disney characters on board will have a good time. There are plenty of entertainment activities for seniors too if you’re just looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle. The best thing about the cruise is getting something for everyone. It is a challenge to please all the generations in one ship, but with Disney Cruise line you can enjoy your vacation and even bond with the family at same time.

Disney Cruise Fleet

Disney Magic Cruise for seniors
DISNEY MAGIC – Relaunched with exciting updated features, this classic cruise ship delights Guests with the high-speed AquaDunk waterslide, Carioca’s Brazilian-themed restaurant, an enhanced club for the kids, reimagined kids’ splash zones and Fathoms nightclub for adults.

Disney Dream Senior Cruises
– The fleet’s third ship, this 130,000-ton vessel boasts 14 decks and 1,250 staterooms. Featuring the latest industry innovations and Art Deco opulence blended with Disney whimsy, the Disney Dream transports Guests to sun-splashed ports of call including Castaway Cay.

Disney-Fantasy Best Cruises for Seniors
DISNEY FANTASY – Built for longer voyages, this sister ship of the Disney Dream is the same size and configuration but with its own unique character. Art Nouveau elegance abounds in its atrium while cutting-edge technology makes for smooth sailing, wherever your travels take you.

Disney Wonder Cruises for seniors
With 11 decks and 875 beautifully appointed staterooms just like its sister ship, the Disney Magic, this 83,000-ton vessel sails to exciting destinations around the globe while treating Guests to the signature amenities and delightful surprises Disney is known for.

Cunard Cruises:

This luxury cruise is perfect for senior travelers who wish to be pampered and wants to enjoy high class vacation. The ships are reminiscent and elegant of British heritage, along with sophisticated touches from ballrooms to enrichment classes. People can enjoy British tradition like afternoon tea along with light refreshments and freshly baked goods.

Senior Cruises in The South Pacific Best Cruises For Seniors

Tips for Senior Cruises:

  • Before booking of cruise ask yourself if you really want to go on a cruise. If you wish to try the enrichment program or are looking to explore various cultures while visiting different ports? Or If you want some amazing dining. Whatever be the choice find a cruise that will fulfill your needs.
  • Call the cruise line or your travel agent to ask if they provide all the special services that you may require on the ship. Like for instance if you are having some accessibility problems, ask the cruise what other activities you can join in, particularly if your cruise does not stop over at many ports of call.
  • Try reducing your expenses as much possible. Take enough clothes along with you to avoid heavy laundry charges. If you want to buy anything, make it on the last day as most of time stores offer huge discounts. Look into the ports you will be stopping in and arrange tours independently.
  • Get Insured! Travel insurance is a definite necessity even on a cruise! The benefits of being covered for trip cancellation or delay are of real importance here. If your cruise is held up at any of its ports due to mechanical or weather reasons you can just sit back and enjoy while your insurance kicks in to cover the costs of extra accommodations or flight changes. Check our great article on travel insurance for Seniors!
  • Travel light. Its a cruise and luggage weight isn’t a huge issue, you’re right. However, most of the time you’re going to be flying to or from your cruise destination. Any bit of weight savings will help you travel happier for less!
  • Check the food. Most cruise lines provides healthy and fine dining alternatives. However, being a senior, if you posses a particular dietary restriction be sure to inform the cruise company or your travel agent when you book. Typically if you advise the cruise 3 or more weeks before the trip they cater to your dietary needs at no additional charge!

For more great travel tips check out our article full of Valuable travel tips for Seniors

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