best retirement destinations in the world

6 Best Retirement Destinations Across The World

Best Retirement Destinations

Retirement… Where will you spend it? If you’re like me you’ll be looking for somewhere friendly, warm and cheap. I love Canada but the winters are starting to wear on me and I could always use some more sunshine in my life. That’s why I’ve created this list of the best retirement destinations.

When deciding to put down roots somewhere new there are tons of things to consider. It can be a huge challenge to sort through all the possibilities and decide on your ideal retirement spot.

Things to Consider

There are several important factors to be considered when eyeing up retirement destinations. The best retirement destinations are the ones that fit your criteria. For me, here at Southern Skies I look to things like:

  • The Local Tax Rate – As a retiree you can’t afford to spend your nest egg on exorbitant taxes. Find somewhere with a relatively low personal income tax rate. If you can find somewhere with a low (or no) sales tax you’re doing even better!
  • Proper Healthcare Facilities – Lets admit it, none of us are as young or agile as we used to be no matter how we might think of ourselves. I have a bad hip, and while I continue to tell myself that I’m in my prime, it occasionally reminds me that I’m not. Having reasonable healthcare available is a huge factor in picking the best retirement destinations.
  • Cost of Living – There’s no sense living somewhere where rent, utilities and food wipe out your pension every month. For the best retirement destinations I chose to feature spots where the cost of living is affordable. Even to a Retiree. You’ll have cash left over to enjoy the finer things in life!
  • Climate – This wouldn’t be a list of the BEST retirement destinations unless they all sported an amazing climate! The choices below all have comfortable year round temperatures that don’t swing to the extremes. If I wanted Rain, Snow, Clouds or Cold I could stay in Canada for the winter.

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Best Retirement Destinations

While these wont be your typical “easy” retirement destinations like the Southwest USA that so many of my fellow snowbirds love they are amazing spots worth considering! Costs in these locations are low, the people are friendly, taxes are cheap for retiree’s and most importantly the weather is amazing. Some of these destinations will put your language skills to use. But I’m a big believer that if you’re willing to learn you’ll pick the languages up quickly when immersed!

Malta: Malta

When searched on a map can be located as a tiny chain of islands represented by some dots floating between the two coasts of North Africa and Sicily in the Mediterranean. There are only two islands in that region having a substantial amount of population, that is Malta and Gozo. They both are very small areas and still Malta’s lifestyle is simply marvelous. It has a pleasant laid back atmosphere with English speaking masses making it easy to socialize. The cost of living is remarkable and any person will be easily able to afford it. The healthcare rates are very low and there are immense opportunities for recreation making the place one of the best spots to retire. Even if you’re not willing to pickup and move, you should at least visit Malta!


The cost of living in the Philippines is the lowest in the world. It has all the services and amenities available for retirees. It has everything a person needs, like good shopping, low rates of healthcare facilities, cultural features, proximity to beaches and also a lot of recreational and outdoor activities. There are a lot of places in the Philippines where a person can choose to stay. One of them is Tagaytay which has a nice and cool climate across the year and is just a few miles away from all the different parts of the Philippines.

Merimbula, Australia

This place located in the south west coastal area of Australia can be called as a hidden retirement location. It is simply perfect if one is looking forward to have a quiet and a relaxing place for retirement. Merimbula has got the best weather throughout the year and is just a five hours drive from Sydney. The weather makes the natural scenic of the place really wonderful and offers a lifestyle which can be considered close to nature. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and clubs to carry out recreational activities and also the place has got an airport which can help you fly to Melbourne and Sydney if one wishes to go there for holidays.


The best words to describe Panama is that it is comfortable, modern and tolerable. The ease of living in this place is the prime factor to draw many retirees here, although Panama is really famous for its canals. The international trade and the rate of migration is highly facilitated due to the canals and hence, lifestyle here has become very convenient definitely making Panama one of the best places to retire. It is very easy for the foreign retirees to get residence and the pension program is really attractive. Panama has a lot to offer in terms of mountains, verdant highlands, pristine beaches and an overall great lifestyle.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a safe and stable place in Central America hosting retirees from more than 30 years. It has a stress free life and the local people here are really friendly. One need not worry about getting used to things there as it has all the modern conveniences available. The pension program works great for the retirees and getting residence is a very easy process. The major benefit of Costa Rica includes the low cost of living wherein a retired couple can easily reside and cover all their expenses without any financial issues. The property taxes are just 0.25% and is suitable for retired people.


The reason for the increasing popularity of Portugal as one of the best places to retire is its low cost of living and its extremely successful real estate sector. Portugal’s climate is pleasant and generally mild and almost the complete western coast is lined up with beaches. This place has a classic lifestyle with a great emphasis on family and friends. It offers a decent living with close people around, plenty of good wines and food along with leisurely mealtimes without any stress. The seafood here is really exciting making the food culture very rich in Portugal. The Lisbon area is full of modern city amenities and all the other cities in Portugal too offer a good lifestyle for the retirees.

The Take Away

Wherever your personal best retirement destinations may be I hope this will have inspired you to consider others. The world is a big beautiful place, we should strive to see more of it! Happy Snowbirding friends! – Jason


Just a Canadian snowbird. Getting away from the wet & cold winters to explore amazing spots across the world!