Seniors traveling happilly because they know about travel tips for seniors

Valuable Travel Tips for Seniors

Travel Tips For Seniors

Traveling is a fun and fulfilling experience. You get to see amazing sights and meet different types of people. It’s one of the best experiences life has to offer. And as a senior, traveling doesn’t have to be difficult so long as you take extra precautions. You may not be able to do some activities due to physical limitations, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t have the most extraordinary vacation. Here are some travel tips for seniors:

What To Do Before Your Trip

Book a direct flight when you can. This will greatly help you save time, and avoid missing a connecting flight. When booking a flight, ask if you can take advantage of a senior airfare discount. You may be surprised of the benefits seniors get when traveling. It won’t hurt to ask. Other things you need to do before the trip:

  • Make extra copies of all your documents. Have one in your carry-on bag, checked-in luggage, the hotel, and one back home. In case it gets lost or stolen, you know where to acquire other copies.
  • If you’re traveling outside the country, make sure you get vaccinated for flu, mumps, or measles. Talk to your physician about this.
  • Prepare an itinerary. Since you no longer have the energy of the young, it’s essential that you know how to manage your energy, not your time. Plan ahead.

Getting Travel Insurance For Seniors

One of our best travel tips for seniors is to get travel insurance! Things happen whether we want them to or not. You could fall sick or have an accident. While we can hope for a safer travel, it’s also important to be prepared when something happens. You’ll be at ease thinking that you are covered in case of emergencies. One tip, make sure you know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Pre-existing conditions may be a problem. Try to inquire if there are plans that will cover pre-existing conditions. We have a great article about the Best Travel Insurance for Seniors.

The Joy of Traveling Light

Seniors are no longer capable of carrying heavy luggage that young travelers do without feeling it the next day. This is why it’s essential to pack only the necessities. Avoid packing extra things that “you think you might need.” Make a list of things you can’t do without. Prescription medications should be inside a zip-lock, and to be placed in your carry-on bag. Pack full medications as it might be difficult to buy them in another country. Take note of their generic names, just in case. Some tips:

  • Bring clothes good for only four days to a week, depending on how long you are traveling. Consider doing laundry to lighten your load.
  • Fit all your belongings in a suitcase. It’s a lot better to carry than a backpack.

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Security As Your First Priority

Most thieves target easy targets. As a traveling senior you’re likely just that. They think they are an easy target. To avoid losing all your valuables in a foreign place, make sure everything is secured. Some tips to help you:

  • If you’re booking a hotel and want a hotel staff to clean your room, best to call the front desk and have someone come up instead of putting a “Clean my room” sign on the door. Thieves will think no one is inside; they might pick the lock and steal all your belongings.
  • Avoid wearing too much jewelry and flashing around high-end gadgets or cash. Wheen traveling, it’s better to just bring the necessities with you. If you’r into photography, opt for a smart phone or small compact camera rather than a high-end digital SLR camera. The former are easier to carry and less of a target.

On What To Eat

Many Seniors (myself included) have sensitive stomachs (no more spicy food for me). Some of us are even on a special diet. If you’re on medication talk to your physician before your trip. Ask about the types of food that you can eat and those you should avoid. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation stuck in your room feeling ill because you didn’t know.

On Sightseeing

Take bus and boat tours for sightseeing. These are painless and you get to really enjoy the views. If you go on a city tour, try booking a cab who speaks English. Your hotel should be able to help you with this! Better yet, book your tours before your scheduled vacation. This way all you need to do is show up.

Seeing the world is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It will make you appreciate life and the world more. Following these travel tips for seniors you’ll enjoy travel more! It’s never too late to go on that life-changing trip. Pack your bags now and travel light! For more great tips check out Aging Care here


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